We are excited to bring you asparagus from our farm  ” Spears To You”

My how time flies.   We have 7 acres of asparagus in the ground with two varieties.   Jersey supreme and Millennial.   That’s over 50,000 plants.  Usually early May is when we begin to harvest.   

In addition to all of the field work we also finished construction in the new pole barn of a USDA GAP principles designed Asparagus processing plant. Diana and I both became certified in USDA GAP. The new room is designed like new dairies or other food processing centers with total cleanliness as a top priority.

Spring planting of asparagus crowns



Everything from the PVC wall and ceiling panels, waterproof lighting and electric, stainless steel triple sinks and equipment was done with attention to detail and a clean space. Our plant is equipped with a walk in cooler and a hydro-cooler designed to drop the temperature of harvested asparagus down as quick as possible to obtain the freshest product. We also traveled to France last year to purchase an Asparagus processing machine that washes, cuts and sorts asparagus by size. We are the first farm in the USA to have this piece of equipment. Every detail of asparagus has production has been looked at from species type to plant, to growing maintaining and harvesting the spears. After harvest we wanted the best on farm asparagus processing room we could obtain and we have succeeded in that commitment to excellence. We even worked with a local box company to develop a carton capable of being recycled yet have the waterproof characteristics of wax lined traditional produce boxes that will not break down in land fills. All of our cartons this year will feature the new corrugated material that will recycle.

We usually start the season in May.  We sell direct from the farm and are open Weekends 9am-4pm.  This year (2022 season) we will be open on the weekends for U-pick asparagus.  We also maintain a self serve fridge outside the barn for weekday sales.  You will also find us at local farmers markets, and direct from our asparagus mobile ( 1964 F250) locally in the town of Harvard.   It will be available fresh in quantities in one pound increments while supplies last for approximately one month. If you are a wholesaler, restaurant owner with farm to table needs, or a CSA operator with product needs we have boxes of asparagus available in 11 or 30 lb quantities. You can call 630-779-6249 to discuss your needs or schedule a time to come out and check us out.